Beta Baby April 27 2013

Welcome to our beta launch.

There are thousands of ways to connect with people online. But no e-mail or text can quite replace the excitement of receiving a handwritten message in the mail. Post de Plume handwrites your greeting cards and sends them in the mail for you.

This is often referred to as 'snail mail', but we don't think that term does the product justice. Yes, its slow. But its not slimey and snails don't actually deliver it. Snails also don't read it.

People read it, happy people. Happy people who were expecting to only get credit card statements and Valpaks in their post box. Happy people who get to hold onto something forever from someone that cares about them.

Snail mail is not a great term for that something.

If we were hipsters we'd call it Artisanal Mail. But our skinny jeans don't fit anymore.

If we were Sting we'd call it Message in a Bottle (in the) mail. These messages are really very fast compared to typical messages in a bottle though.

If we were Santa we'd call it Elf Mail. E-mail for short?

If we were French we'd call it Escargot Mail. Actually that already exists: Escargot Mail

Its Handwritten Mail and its awesome and Post de Plume makes it really easy for you to send it.

In the coming days and weeks this site will launch several handwritten mail products. Start thinking about the people in your life that you would like to make happy.